Lake County Tax Collection By Political Sub-Division TY 2016 / CY 2017

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The schedule below details the real estate taxes collected from Lake County Residents for the Tax Year 2016 / Calendar Year 2017.  We have separated the taxes by the three schools districts covering Concord Township.   In case you were wondering what the item marked “Other” is on your real estate tax bill, it is the L.C. Financing District.  It is another school levy tax.  We will start to do some investigation on the details why there is a need to form such a district, and on how the schools are spending our money and will report our findings on the website.  If you have no idea how your real estate taxes are calculated – do not feel alone.  We have yet to find anyone that says they really know. We have said that the calculations for tracking the solar eclipse 7 years from now is easier than understanding our real estate tax law.  With ANY proposed increase in our real estate taxes, we are going to be asking for factual proof with numbers that the funds are needed.  We will no longer  just accept any feel good reason.


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