Please remember to Love Thy Neighbor

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During a very contentious political season, the thought struck me that the second greatest commandment may no longer be sacred.  My faith reminds me to remember and live by the spiritual commandment to  “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”.

I will try to compete in the arena of ideas, using facts and figures when appropriate, to further my position on an issue.  In my opinion, the public use of innuendos, half-truths, and personal attacks on a fellow human being is not appropriate.

I am also a very strong believer in ensuring when someone, even those with opposing viewpoints, does a good job that we publicly compliment them.  With that being said, I wish to publicly thank all of the employees working in Concord Township’s administration, especially Kathy and Amy, for their dedication to the Township and their kindness, honesty, and responsiveness in providing insight and information that has helped me better understand the finances of Concord Township.

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