Lobbyists for Illegal Aliens

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Our thanks to Patriot 8998 for this post.

Our State of Ohio legislators are inundated with special interest lobbyists.  Here are two paid registered lobbyists for OCHLA (Ohio Commission of Hispanic / Latino  Affairs)….

Lilleana Cavanaugh 
77 S. High Street, 18th Floor                Phone: (614) 466-8333
Hispanic / Latino Affairs                      2016 Salary   $77,969.00
Columbus,  Ohio  43215

Andrea M. Lewis
77 S. High Street                                      Phone: (614) 728-8364
Riffe Bldg, 18th Floor                             2016 Salary    $48,627.00
Columbus, Ohio  43215

The local HOLA group that is trying to secure a Hispanic Community Center (formerly called an “Incubator Kitchen”) in Painesville with State of Ohio grant money (requested $500,000) and Lake County Land Bank funds ($100,000+) needed to repair the roof & seal underground tanks) has used OCHLA as lobbyists for their cause.  Hola did receive a $2,500 grant from OCHLA for their proposed Community Center.  Our position on this issue is that we believe that their Community Center should be built with private funds and not with taxpayers’ money.

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