Some interesting stats on Lake County Schools….

We have started to analyze the State of Ohio School District Profile Report (also known as the Cupp Report) for FY 2016 to see if the numbers tell us anything.  Once the data is inserted in the Excel spreadsheets it can be sorted to compare the ranking of Lake County schools with other 87 Ohio districts in a variety of categories.

Analysis of Ohio School Enrollment FY 2016 PG 1

Analysis of Ohio School Enrollment FY 2016 PG 2

Here are some statistics that may interest you:

(1) Lake County is ranked 11th in “Total Year End Enrollment” for 2016.
                                           [30,597 students]
(2) Lake County is ranked 5th in “Average Teacher’s Salaries” for 2016.
            [$63,109 versus $53,037 average]   [$10,072 increase or 18.9%]
(3) Lake County is ranked 20th in “Avg. Administrative Cost Per Student” for 2016. 
                            [$644 versus $584]  [$60 increase or 10.2%]
(4) Lake County is ranked 7th in “Students With Limited English Proficiency’ for 2016.
            [~1,240 Students or 4.05% of the total students could not speak English]

One statistic that I could not find in the Cupp Report was the actual number of teachers per school, but they did provide the number of administrators.   However, we did find a report that showed the average teacher to pupil ratio in Ohio as 1 teacher for every 16 students.

The following per the Cupp report is the annual per pupil spending for Lake County Schools for 2016.

Perry                                $14,563
Wickliffe City                  $14,495
Mentor                             $12,731
Kirtland                            $12,510
Painesville                       $11,360
Willoughby-Eastlake    $11,441
Riverside                          $  9,918
Fairport Harbor              $  9,162
Madison                           $  8,527

Since we are concerned about any and all factors that would increase Lake County residents’ real estate taxes, we thought we should determine the cost to educate a non-English speaking student for each school in Lake County.
Cost impact of Non-English Speaking Students..r1

When we apply the factors from the Cupp report that shows there were 1,240 non-English speaking students in Lake County with the average cost per student, we can see the staggering costs to the Lake County taxpayers.  The total is approximately $14.2 million dollars per year.  If we knew the total budget for each school, we could tell you the percentage of the school’s budget that applies to the non-English speaking students.

We do know, from data received from the Auditor’s office, that the tax collected for Riverside Schools in 2017 (taxing districts 8,9,10) was $15,229,003.  Riverside spends ~$1.129,604 for the non-English speaking students, therefore, we can estimate that ~7.4% of the tax paid by Lake County taxpayers is for the non-English speaking students.

The Cupp report also provides information on the property taxes collected by each school in the district.  We will continue to analyze that report to see if we can learn additional information that may be helpful to the Lake County residents…..Stay tuned..




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