Update on new proposed Concord School…can you imagine the legal fees?

Well, it appears the fiasco will be decided on March 16th  by Lake County Common Pleas Judge Richard L. Collins, Jr.  It will be a non jury trial.  When this is over, we will be asking how much legal fees the Lake County taxpayers paid to represent Riverside schools and Concord Township.

I wonder if this case will go the same way as the Lake Tran versus the State of Mentor.  Lake Tran wanted to put a “Park and Ride” parking lot on the land that they purchased. Mentor objected, but Lake Tran ultimately prevailed in court.

From an old News-Herald article regarding the Lake Tran case:

“The two sides have locked horns since 1997, when Laketran was denied a city permit to build a 315-space Park-n-Ride on the residentially zoned land. The city has not fared well in court over the dispute, losing twice in Lake County Common Pleas Court. The city is now engaged in an appeal in the 11th District Court of Appeals in Warren.
Since 1997, Mentor has spent $114,356 on legal and consulting expenses in litigation with Laketran, said David Malinowski, city assistant finance director.”

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