Auburn Career Center availability….

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Here is the response from the representative of the Auburn Career Center:

Good morning, Brian and (redacted)..
Depending on the number of attendees, Auburn has several rooms available.  In the Technology Learning Center (TLC), there are 2 rooms, one holding round tables with 8 chairs each for approximately 40.  This is a little more “intimate” as it allows attendees to sit face-to-face for small discussions.  The other room the TLC is stadium/auditorium seating holding approximately 70.  Both rooms have projectors and screens.  Access to this building is much easier than the Presentation Center as the building is not a “school” and doors are not locked at all times.

If you plan on having more than 70 attending, the Presentation Center in the main campus building can hold up to 300.

If you would like to see the rooms in the TLC and the Presentation Center, I can show you.  As for availability, what time of day are you looking to hold your meetings?

Wendy Lauer

Auburn Career Center

8221 Auburn Road
Concord Township, OH  44077

440.357.7542 ext. 8278

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