The Big Lie….we only possess never own our home…

From the book “Sustainable” by Tom DeWeese…

“We have been conned into believing we are ‘owning’ property, when, in fact, and by law, we’re only in ‘possession’ of property utilizing it as a renter or tenant would. So long as we pay our rent (i.e. taxes and mortgages), get the licenses, pay the fees, have it insured, regulated, zoned and permitted, we can still remain ‘in possession’.


Another deception, from my perspective, is the need for a modern, state of the art school to maintain our property values.  Looking back at what happened in 2008, we all experienced a significant loss in property value when the U. S. economy  went into the tank.  Having a school, or not having a school was irrelevant back in 2008.

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