Riverside School College Credit Plus Program

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We wrote to the Riverside School official asking for the cost of the College Credit Plus program to Lake County taxpayers.  Here is the response.


Hi Brian,

We are currently in the third year of the College Credit Plus program. Students can pretty much attend any college. However, most of our students attend Lakeland. Attached is the final report for FY2017 (second year). The total tuition cost was $271,216.01, which gets deducted directly from our state funding. We also have to pay for the textbooks as well, which we paid $61,110.38 for a total FY2017 cost of $332,326.39.
I also attached the current report for FY2018 (third year). The total tuition currently being deducted from the district is $176,055.96, which will probably go up as I don’t think everything has been report for this year yet. (I have also been disputing the James A. Rhodes State College deduction since this belongs to the other Riverside Schools in Logan County Ohio). We have not been invoiced for any textbooks yet, but expect the cost to be a little higher than FY2017.
For FY2016, I can’t seem to find the final tuition amount paid as our state reports show “post secondary deduction” of $480,170.95, which I believe includes the FY2016 college credit plus program, and a FY2015 deduction for the prior program that no longer exists. This occurred before I came to the district. However, I do see we paid $86,130.00 for College Credit Plus textbooks for that year.
I am working on getting some numbers of how many students use the program. The attached reports also show the number of credit hours taken. The reports for all districts for FY2018 and FY2017 can be found here: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Finance-and-Funding/School-Payment-Reports/State-Funding-For-Schools/Traditional-Public-School-Funding
Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Gary A. Platko, CPA

Riverside Local School District
585 Riverside Drive
Painesville, OH 44077
(Comment – When I look at the increasing real estate taxes collected by Lakeland Community College from Lake County taxpayers, $10 million in 2008 versus $20 million, and then realize that they also are getting paid for providing college courses and textbooks to Junior High and Senior High students, I get the distinct impression that something is amiss. How can they extract $20 million from Lake County taxpayers, and still charge exorbitant rates to educate their children.  Why is it not paid by the State or free of charge?) 
(Comment #2 – I spoke to a Lake County taxpayer that had both of his children use the College Credit Plus program.  He stated that it is necessary because of the progressive Common Core educational program offered in the public schools.  There is a purposeful “dumbing down” of the students with the stated goal of making all the students equal.  The College Credit Plus program gives the motivated, high achievers a chance to break out from the public school and succeed.)
(Comment #3 – I did some research into the Common Core program many years, and learned all I needed to know when I discovered that the program had the communist Bill Ayers’ fingerprints all over it.)

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