State Rep Candidates’ Answers to Taxes and School question

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Lobbyists for Citizens tries to remain neutral on candidates and prefers to stick to the issues that impact Lake County residents.   Jamie Callender and John Plecnik are running for State Representative for District 61, currently held by the term limited Ron Young.  We asked both individuals what they would do to address the increasing real estate taxes, school funding and school improvement issues.  Here is John Plecnik’s reply to my question:

Dear Brian,

I believe that our taxes our too high, and that includes property taxes.  Part of the reason is that public schools are overburdened by bureaucracy.  In my view, if you fired have the administrators, and paid the other half, half as much, you would still have too many overpaid administrators.
If we work to to curtail bureaucracy in our public schools and other local government agencies, we can afford to cut taxes back to reasonable levels while maintaining or even increasing the level of service to our children.
My bottom line is that our legislators are responsible for finding tax savings and eliminating unnecessary administrative overhead.


  1. Is this really an answer? What am I missing here? Maybe I can run for office if this is the kind of response and bad simple spelling I can use and give?


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