High Density Housing coming to Concord….your property taxes will increase

Last chance – only the Trustees can stop this high-density residential development on Concord-Hambden. 28 acres may be rezoned from important income-generating commercial property to tax-increasing high density residential property, 3 homes per acre and small setbacks. About 72 homes on 28 acres.  The Trustees’ Zoning Commission already approved the zoning text change.

Attend the Trustee Public Hearing Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00 at Town Hall to voice your disapproval of this rezoning.

The map below and attached shows what the developer might build, given the zoning text he proposed. At the meeting, only the zoning text change will be discussed.

Why oppose this zoning change?

  • Increases taxes. Concord must preserve our ever-dwindling income-generating commercial property and oppose tax-increasing high density residential housing.
  • Increases traffic. New elementary school on this road will increase traffic substantially. Not sound planning to increase traffic further with high density homes.
  • Ugly gateway to the Town Hall Commons
  • Zoning by developer requests, not contemplating big picture and revenue implications

Below is a comparison of the setbacks. They’re squeezing in all the housing, with little room between homes and property lines. And this is the property with the active oil and gas well and tank batteries.

The Town Hall Neighborhood THN allows for office and professional services, retail and personal services and community facilities = income revenue for Concord. They want to rezone for three homes per acre, with 15 % open space (because the property has a big retention pond and wetlands, so they can’t use some of the land) = costs Concord money.

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  1. Brian, Thank You for your time on these matters. I will not be able to make the meeting, but would be willing to sign and support not changing current zoning. We moved here to be in a semi rural area, why do politicians keep trying to build up the area with the same roads that were not meant for increased population. My taxes have gone up over $2100.00 in the last 9 years, and the only thing I actually see is increased traffic congestion.

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