Riverside School Board….they showed their true colors

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I attended my first Riverside School Board meeting, and left after 15 minutes.  I have never been so disappointed by a group of elected officials.  Jennifer Harden, President, stated  that there is a section at the end of the meeting, where you get 3 minutes,  for public comments, but the comments must relate to school affairs, and it is not meant as a community forum to express your viewpoint.

The Board adjourned for an Executive session, and I chose to leave, because I was there to express a viewpoint on taxes, report cards, and the general problems with public education.  Ironically, I was there to defend Riverside because I have learned a great deal about what is happening at the state level, and the cultural Marxists that have taken over public education. We wanted to ask for their help, so we could try to help them change State issues that are adding costs to educate the children.

However, I say to the Riverside School Board…shame on you….you have shown your true colors, and are not interested in what the taxpayers, who foot the bill for the schools, have to say.  We will remember your lack of concern, when you ask for another levy.

Updated: 4/25/19 12:45 pm

I received this unsolicited comment from Jennifer Harden today:
Comment: Good morning.

I was alerted to your recent blog post and wanted to reach out to you. The blurb that I read at the beginning of the meeting is in no way meant to stop anyone from standing to give their viewpoint or opinion. We never ask what it is that they intend to say, this is an opportunity for community members to express their feelings, concerns, opinions, anything. Through my 5 years on the board we have heard from community members about all kinds of issues. From busing to teacher contracts to our new buildings, levies, property taxes, bullying, social media, you name it we’ve heard it and always allow the community to express their opinion. A time limit has always been placed as well and it has not been an issue.
I am sorry that you took the reading of that sentence to mean anything else, we certainly would have appreciated your support and welcome you at any meeting.

(Comment: They may want to change their introduction to their school board meetings!)

Updated: 4/27/18 8:38 am

I did speak to a school board member last night, and he apologized if their opening statement caused me to leave. I reiterated what I wrote to Ms. Darden – they may wish to change their opening ‘blurb’.

If I were school board President my opening remarks would be: We welcome all citizens to our meetings and encourage healthy, civil discourse on any and all subjects impacting the Riverside school district during the public comments portion of our meeting.  In the interest of time, we ask that the public comments be limited to three minutes.. However, if more time is required it will be granted to the speaker, if requested.

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  1. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. It will be interesting to see what Tom Hack has to say.


    On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 8:04 PM, We are Lobbyists for Citizens wrote:

    > Brian Massie posted: “I attended my first Riverside School Board meeting, > and left after 15 minutes. I have never been so disappointed by a group of > elected officials. Jennifer Harden, President, stated that there is a > section at the end of the meeting for public comments, ” >


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