Concord Trustee Meeting May 2nd..let your voice be heard

Call the Trustees and attend the May 2nd Trustee meeting. Ask the Trustees to put the health of our community first and not increase taxes by keeping the small amount of income-generating and job-producing commercial land and NOT ALLOW MORE HIGH-DENSITY HOUSING THAT COSTS EVERY TAXPAYER MONEY. At this rate, the Trustees will tax the residents out of Concord. The Trustees closed the Public Hearing on 4-18-18, but tabled the vote on this rezoning issue. Notes from the Public Hearing are at the end of this email.

The high-density proposal is for 28 income-generating commercial acres on Concord-Hambden to be rezoned to tax-increasing high-density residential property, 3 homes per acre and small setbacks. About 72 homes on 28 acres.

  • Increases taxes. Concord needs commercial land.
    • Concord must preserve our ever-dwindling income-generating commercial property and oppose tax-increasing high density residential housing. National and Lake County studies show that residential homes cost more of our tax money than it brings in. The county auditor and appraiser confirmed that commercially-zoned land pays a higher tax rate than residentially-zoned land.
    • The Town Hall Neighborhood THN allows for office and professional services, retail and personal services and community facilities = income revenue for Concord.
    • Trustees have provided NO PROPER, ECONOMIC ANALYSIS showing that the long-term financial security of Concord will be better with more residential and less commercial property. How could the Trustees possibly rezone any more land from commercial to residential without an independent, economic analysis?
    • Mr. Galloway, 5-20-09 Town Hall Neighborhood rezoning, eliminating residential and only allowing commercial uses. “Concord has only 8% of its territory that can be used for commercial business development. And so we feel the need to maximize that in a way that benefits the residents from a commercial and business, economic standpoint and the future township leaders, giving them some cushion and some flexibility in the event that, you know, who knows what the future holds in terms of local government in the state of Ohio.”
    • Trustees have spent so much time and money on their Town Center “Vision” and surrounding area, they have not done enough to attract businesses to remaining commercial areas in Concord.
    • Trustees have already allowed Concord’s dwindling commercial land to be eroded with high-density homes, as they passed zoning text to allow up to 8 units per acre on 30% of the Capital District along Auburn.
  • Increases traffic.
    • The developer projects his residential traffic load will be 689 trips per day. If the Town Hall Neighborhood property is filled with businesses similar to adjacent businesses (see below) there would be only 260 trips per day.
    • The new elementary school on this road will increase traffic substantially. It is not sound planning to increase traffic further with high density homes.
  • Ugly gateway to the Town Hall Commons. Not semi-rural.
    • The proposed plan will have the BACK of homes showing along Concord-Hambden. As Andy Lingenfelter said when he saw the plan, “He’s just got them crammed in there.”
    • Mr. Galloway 5-20-09 rezoning to Town Hall Neighborhood. “That’s, again, on us to then look at, well, what do people that live in Quail Hollow, people that live on Concord Hambden, folks that live on Ravenna, how can we create an area that’s going to keep the semi-rural Concord flavor…”
  • Zoning by developer requests, not contemplating big picture and revenue implications
    • Osborne has been trying to rezone this property to residential for years. This is the latest attempt. The Zoning Commission stated that only residential applications have been submitted so let’s change the property. Unfortunately, that’s not how zoning decisions should be made. The developers can make great money, but the township usually loses. Citizens lives with the results forever.
    • At the  3-7-18 meeting to rezone a small piece of the Town Hall Neighborhood commercial land to residential, Connie Luhta’s rationale, “It feels residential to me.”
  • Trustees just rezoned some of this property to standard 2 homes per acre, R-1 density. (3-7-18)
    • The proposed density is too high for the area. Part of the Town Hall Neighborhood was rezoned by Trustees, only one month ago, and allows only standard 2 homes per acre and setbacks. Quail Hollow density is 3 homes per acre, but has a 100-acre minimum and required 40% open space. The proposed density is 3 homes per acre, with only 15% open space required and very small setbacks. The homes can be as small as 1200 sq feet with 7.5-foot side yards.
  • Stormwater is not an issue
    • Trustees are trying to rationalize the loss of commercial property stating stormwater is an issue. The County calculates the proposed stormwater for every development, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or residential use, and requires the developer to effectively manage stormwater’s removal.

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