Geauga County Tea Party…next meeting date

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Newsletter For Citizens Action In Geauga and Surrounding Counties, State and National Insights

Next GCTP Meeting

Date:  May 31, 2018
Time:  6:30 PM
Location:  West Woods County Park
Topics/Speakers: Click on Link for all details:
1. Brian Massie – Tax Revolution with Geauga County Data
2. Elections Debrief – What’s next?

Other County Liberty Coalition Updates

The Liberator Conference is this Saturday  May 19th. Registration begins at 8:30 AM. Location is the Auburn Career Center.  Click on this link for Details
There is a full Agenda with the event being Emceed by Mr. Peter Kirsanow, and our Keynote speaker is Mr. Dan Johnson, Executive Director of WE DO BETTER.  Also making presentations will be The Buckeye Institute, Ohioans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity and many others!

To reserve your spot at the Liberator Conference on Saturday, May 19, please send an email to  Again, liberatorconference, one word,  Or call or text 216-650-7607, again 216-650-7607.

The Chaplain’s Corner

God in government. Historical perspective and what is happening that is moral issue related. What will it take for us to support the return of morality to governance? What is so difficult in the basic support of Geauga County Right to Life?
More to discuss from our Chaplain!

Featured Township

Still need folks to bring their Trustees to the meeting and work on getting some one to visit as one of the main speakers.

Commissioner’s Corner

There was a new candidate for commissioner elected in the primary. Accountability begins now as much as looking to November.
The Commissioners have a lot on the table and Commissioner Claypool continues in his proper tole in defending out property rights and money before the non-elected entity NOACA.

Geauga County Taxes

The Mid-term elections are over! Not withstanding what the philosophical perspective of the new ‘commissioner’ candidate is, people have voted to increase Taxes in our various communities.
Brian Massie will be going into the details of our taxation in Geauga County and what it means for sustainability in ‘Keeping our Property’. 
What is necessary in government and what should we being looking to Act on.
This meeting is an in depth followup to the methodology that Brian has developed and is presenting this Saturday at the Liberator Conference! Please attend that as you can.

County Departments / Boards / School Boards Updates

Much to discuss on an ongoing basis regarding the Election results.


With the primaries over we now have a lot of work to do for the General. The opposition to Liberty and Constitutionalism will not be sitting on their couches. We need to be fully engaged. More to discuss in our debrief.

Constitution: Education / Issues State and National

Many issues at the state level in particular. Don’t think that the consolidation of our education under the direct management of the Governor office is dead. It is NOT! Keep a close connection to Sarah Fowler and all that is happening at the State level.
More importantly, local schools must return to Foundational Principles and programs that develop Patriotic Citizens and then encourage students to develop in that giftings of talent to which they were graced.

Legislative Update State & National

You all need to contact your state rep or senator and let me know when we can get them to give us some updates.

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