Act for Ohio…..June meeting

You’re Invited to our Next National Security Briefing
Monday, June 4, 7 pm EST
Monday, June 4th, 7 PM
Join us in Cleveland
or Watch us Online
“The Muslim Mafia”
with Chris Gaubatz,
Our next National Security briefing will feature Chris Gaubatz, President
Chris is among the foremost counter-terrorism and jihadi insurgence authorities in the world.
Chris will be with us, in Cleveland, this Monday June 4, at 7 pm EST.
You are welcome to join us and come to Cleveland. You just need to email us at
Otherwise you can join us Online, as we will broadcast our meeting as a webinar once again.
Here’s the Registration link for the webinar:
Chris posed as a Muslim convert and gained access to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-backed organization leadership meetings. While undercover, he removed more than 12,000 documents and 300 hours of covert audio/video recordings from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)headquarters, revealing clear patterns of fraud, sedition, and terrorism.
This undercover operation and intelligence triumph is the feature ofMuslim Mafia, a book authored by investigative journalist Paul Sperryand Dave Gaubatz, Chris’ father, a career federal counter-intelligence agent and first civilian US federal agent to enter Iraq in 2003.

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