Public School Teachers’ Pay…..

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Here is an interesting article on public school teachers’ pay.

Here is an excerpt of the article that stood out to me:

” Teachers may be middle-class employees, but they’re upper-middle-class retirees.”

“Teachers’ fringe benefits weren’t always that generous. According to the National Income and Product Accounts, public-school teachers in 1975 earned fringe benefits worth 19 percent of their salaries, slightly more than the 14 percent received by private-sector workers. By 2000, teacher benefits were nearly double those of private-sector workers, thanks in part to pension “enhancements” passed during the 1990s. And today, teacher benefits are worth 47 percent of annual salaries, versus only 19 percent for private-sector workers.”

(LFC Comment: Keep this in mind when you hear about the need to increase your property taxes, and watch out for unfunded pension liabilities “coming home to roost” on the backs of taxpayers.)

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