Dark Side of Regionalism…..this will be a great meeting..

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Tuesday 6-19 “The Dark Side of Regionalism”

This is last General Meeting until September.

This is a super followup to last month and how our Property Taxes will remove us from our property at the rate they are increasing. To this point we heard from citizens in the group that in their neighborhood of nineteen residences – Five families had to sell out because the tax burden became more than they could sustain.

Now, Skip Claypool will give us the full college level understanding of how Regionalization is Taking Property. The bottom line is to show “How government uses power to control the populace”. This is not tinfoil hat stuff – this is statistically documented.

With our need for Local Tax Revolution, the Founders stood their ground regarding Property Rights!

This meeting is at: the West Woods Park on Rt. 87
Time is 6:30 PM

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