Coronavirus Funding Statistics By State

[LFC Comments: Thanks to a Lake County lobbyist for this article.]

Peter G. Peterson Foundation has this great table breaking down all Covid Relief funds.

What Governor wants to give up this much money?   Remember the lock downs reduced revenues coming from sales taxes and income taxes. A state, unlike the federal government. can’t just print money.  It  must balance its budget.   

Here is a website that provides statistics on the Coronavirus funding:

Click on a state to see how much federal funding it has received thus far. The data is up to date as of March 17, 2021. It reflects the $2.5 trillion in funding that has been disbursed for loans and other federal programs for which state-level data is readily available.

Here is another sobering statistic. The U.S. National debt is now $27.9 TRILLION…that is $84,721 for every person in the United States.




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