Deception in the Ohio Legislature…just another day in the office.

State Representative Nino Vitale is serving his fourth term in the Ohio House. He represents the 85th District, which is comprised of Champaign County and portions of Logan and Shelby counties.

[LFC Comments: We have been deceived again by our State Legislators. They overrode DeWine’s veto….[Yawn…so what?, could be Representative Nino Vitale’s response.]

Note to ourselves: Ask local State Representatives Callender and Troy why are they deceiving us? Forget about State Senator Jerry Cirino, we know the answer already.

Thanks to State Representative Nino Vitale for speaking up and telling us the truth. This probably does not make him very popular at the local Columbus “watering hole”.

Now that the Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine has been overridden and S.B.22, the bill that supposedly restricts the governor’s covid orders, is now law, what does it really do?

If you have not seen my extensive write up outlining my thoughts on the bill, I have included that link below. But first, here are a few questions now that S.B.22 is law.

What will change?

  • Will the mask mandate end? – NO
  • Will the mask mandate end? – NO
  • Will the socialist distancing stop? – NO
  • Will you be allowed to go to the county fair without a mask? – NO
  • Will the government stop requiring tape and other objects to have ‘approved distances’ between people? – NO
  • Will there be high school or college sports, basketball games, baseball, soccer, etc., without restrictions? – NO
  • Will there be mandatory face covering signs at all events in Ohio? – YES
  • Will mandatory testing for COVID continue for all health care workers even if they are not showing signs of being sick? – YES
  • Will health care workers who have been vaccinated still be required to take a COVID test every 2 weeks? – YES
  • Will contact tracing be mandatory in health care facilities? – YES
  • Will there be weddings allowed without masks? – NO
  • Can you go to a wedding in Ohio and sit at a table of non-family members? – NO
  • Will people be able to dance at a wedding? – NO
  • Will gatherings of 10 or more people be allowed outdoors? – NO
  • Will any type of mass gathering be allowed in Ohio without restrictions? – NO
  • Will the requirements the governor has on nursing homes be eliminated? – NO
  • Will this bill give judges and courts more power? – YES
  • Will this bill give the Ohio Department of Health ultimate authority over all local health departments and centralize more power in Columbus? – YES
  • Will it establish a board in State Government that has no power to change the orders and increase the size of government? – YES
  • Will there be a mask mandate next week? – YES
  • Will there be a mask mandate next month? – Most likely because the Ohio House and Senate will not pass the resolution, they claim needs to be passed in S.B.22 in order to stop the governor now with an emergency clause. But they will claim they ‘controlled the governor and did something to protect our rights.’
  • Will people be able to sue in more court locations outside of Franklin Count? – YES – and when you sue the government, you are suing the taxpayer. Many have been suing and it can take forever to get an actual judgement. It is a slow and expensive process which gives more power to the courts.
  • Will masks be required at funeral homes, proms, banquet facilities, restaurants, sports events, and bars? – YES
  • Will masks be required basically everywhere in Ohio? – YES

The Ohio legislature had the opportunity to change all of this and they did what they have been doing for the past 12 months. NOTHING.

What is worse about S.B.22, the Representatives and Senators will tell you they did something to reign in the governor and give you a seat at the table and as you can see, they did no such thing. This bill is meant to allow them to go back to their districts and claim they did something, thereby reducing public pressure. And what should happen now, is an INCREASE in public pressure on the government to restore our rights and never let this happen again. S.B.22 is a decepticon operation.

What did you really get out of S.B.22 that changes your life today, tomorrow, or even next week?

As I stated earlier, I have been fighting for a bill with only one sentence which states ANY AN ALL ORDERS MADE SHALL EXPIRE AFTER 14 DAYS UNLESS THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY VOTES TO EXTEND IT.

Having a short, one sentence, easy to understand bill would provide for no court and legal battles, and all the Ohio Covid orders are gone 14 days from today unless the people and general assembly vote to keep them.

But 14 days from today, NOTHING will change about these orders unless the governor using his power through the Ohio Health Department changes them, just like he has been doing for an entire year.

S.B.22 does nothing substantial. It does not give any new legislative oversight. It does not restore checks and balances and it does not give Ohioans or the legislature any more of a voice or seat at the table then they had before. It does nothing new to check the governor nor the Ohio Department of Health.

Here is my analysis of S.B.22 if you have not seen it. But you probably get the idea from reading the questions above.




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