Pasadena Meetups…silent no more

From Gia –

Several important dates to note:

* Tuesday, April 20th – attend, call in and/or email. We are taking back the justice due to Tinhorn Flats – info attached. Talking point sheet is also attached and it’s beautiful – “per Supreme Court Justice Kagan: L.A. County Health experts testify CoVid spreads far more at home than commercial places -uncontested testimony!! OPPOSITE of what LA County is now trying to claim against TinHorn Flats. Newsom’s lawyers gave TinHorn Flats their case. The LA County Health officials will be called to testify against themselves. Liberal Justice Kagan’s own words and Newsom’s own lawyers’ arguments will be used against Newsom.”

* Wednesday, April 21st Meet up – 5:QQ – 8:QQ dinner at 5

Our guest this week is Adam Ruff, who will be speaking about constitutional rights, the fraud pandemic and the group he is involved with, People’s Rights. Adam will be bringing solutions to the table as we are already aware of the climate of our times.

* Saturday, April 24th The Patriot Precinct Project training in Burbank. “The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy to Take Back the Republican Party and then America at the Ballot Box”

* Friday (date tba) 11am – 3pm will be an important Re-Patriate workshop. I have attached informational documents; Escape the Matrix. Trust me, this will prove to be invaluable. Here is more information for your perusal


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