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Fellow Patriots, 
Please take a moment to read and pray over this note and the attached letter from Daniel, the brother of our fellow Patriot, Caleb.  If you feel led to sign the letter, please put your affiliation as “concerned member of the community”, or as a parent of a prospective student, etc. And…please share with your contacts.  Thank you for joining the family in the battle for truth. May God be glorified!



Dear friends and fellow students,

It has come to my attention that, pending a vote from the Board of Trustees, Westmont will be implementing a new GE requirement titled Justice, Reconciliation, and Diversity (JRD). While these goals are honorable, implementing a GE core thoroughly rooted in critical theory and postmodern epistemology will be detrimental to members of our community, both as scholars and Christians. 

A variety of GE courses will be modified to accommodate JRD specifications. There are currently 21 proposed courses that would fulfill this requirement. Of these 7 are in the English department, 2 each in Theater Arts, Kinesiology, History, and 1 each in Biology, E&B, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology (see the full list in the attached document). Each course incorporates or will incorporate educational material based on intersectionality and/or critical theory. 

As the Republican Club may not have the time to draft a formal letter of objection before the ratification of the new GE charter on May 6th, 2021, I have attached my own letter for your review. Though it will not be sent on the club’s behalf, I invite all concerned members of the Westmont Community (including parents, prospective students, and others invested in the lives of Westmont students) to add their names to the letter via the included Google form, or write letters of their own. For more information, please see the attached memo from the Academic Senate and this Horizon article recently published on the subject. 

For His Glory,
Daniel Macy
Westmont College, Class of 2024.
Violin Performance, and Political Science.


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