Olmsted Falls has an out of control school board member

We received the following article from a concerned citizen. We offer the school or Mrs. Parkowski a chance to refute any and all claims.


Elections Have Consequences

On Monday, May 10th the Olmsted Falls high school boys’ varsity lacrosse team hosted another school for a lacrosse game. This game was highly anticipated, there was a big student section, and a large crowd of fans – an incredible night for lacrosse.

The Olmsted Falls School board Vice-President, Mrs. Linda Parkowski, yelled “that kid is a “f-ing piece of s–t”.  Several spectators asked her to stop.  Several attendees then called the family of the player she was spewing her profanity at and apologized for her. Many residents complained at how shocked, saddened, and disappointed they are about this comment and behavior. Olmsted Falls school district has a foul-mouthed schoolboard member who screamed out profanity in a large crowd, containing children and other school employees.        

Mrs. Parkowski also told the announcer to not mention the opposing team player’s name when he scored against the Olmsted Falls team.   Wielding her power as a school board member to demand the announcer not recognize the opposing teams’ players as they score?  This is unprecedented actions by an adult against a student. Petty, childish, and foul language – just who is Olmsted Falls Community hiring to be on their school board?  When you elect bullies to represent a school district, what do you think the kids see?                                                                   

Unfortunately, since May 10th the school board simply stated that, “this is a personal matter”.

Let’s see, elected school board member, on school grounds, during a school event in the presence of the students and community while another community was participating – we should all be asking, “WHY IS THIS NOT A SCHOOL PROBLEM?  If any parent or other community member had screamed out profanities at a school event against their guest team, wouldn’t they have fired that employee, prohibited that community member from attending any more games or called the police to have her removed?  Why is it that this crazy, out of control school board member is not thrown out of the game and told not to come to any more events?  Well, the answer may be that she works to get levies passed so her behavior is ignored.

At the very least, Mrs. Parkowski should be barred from school events, be made to attend some of the district sanctioned bullying classes and resign.

Maybe people should finally stand up for the kids and stop just handing these schools more money.

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