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Hello Governor Newsom,

I ABSOLUTELY OPPOSE THE VACCINE VERIFICATION TOOL YOU ARE PROPOSING.  Otherwise known as a “Vaccine Passport”, this system is similar to Nazi Germany’s “Show me your papers.”

“The possibility of experiencing an adverse reaction, including injury or death, is real for anyone being injected with the experimental biological agents misnamed “Covid vaccines.” Seeing the stark evidence of this, and learning of many other serious problems of these injected agents, provides legitimate opposition to taking the “jab.”

Therefore, it is inhuman, against medical ethics, and against informed consent to force or coerce anyone to be injected with what they don’t want going into their body.
The threat of “vaccine verification” is real. Otherwise known as a “vaccine passport,” “vaccine verification” prevents non-vaccinated people from entering stores, entering government buildings, participating in events, and traveling with others by plane, train, bus, taxi, and much more. “Vaccine verification” and “vaccine passports” segregate and divide people into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated.” This is medical discrimination to the max and against the Nuremberg Code.”


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