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Following Christ will save you from the tyranny of always thinking about yourself first. Follow Christ not into a life of comfort, but into a life of significance. Following Him cannot be a halfhearted pursuit. What is keeping you from following Christ?(from Abundant Life)

Friday, July 23rd @ 8:00 PM Come and support our own Grace, as she performs stand-up comedy at Baja’s Grill in L.A. 

Saturday, July 24th @ noon we will be meeting at the Santa Monica Pier for the World Wide Freedom Rally

Sunday, July 25th, 3:00 – 5:00 PM Virtual Zoom Meeting for California School Choice. This is a vital initiative that when implemented, will give the funds to the student and not the Teacher’s Unions.

Monday, July 26th @ 7:00 PM Patriots For Freedom in Fountain Valley. Sonya Green always organizes a great platform. The first time I attended I was blessed to meet one of my heroes, Leigh Dundas.

Tuesday, July 27th @ 10:00 AM  Livestream of America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit Press Conference with Dr. Simone Gold and others.

Tuesday, July 27th @ 7:00 PM Please attend the third meeting of our newly forming chapter of the California Republican Assembly. This is a HUGE step in our efforts towards affecting change in our local and state governments. Please consider becoming a member. California Republican Assembly – Join us ( As our chapter is yet forming, check the At-large member box. 

Wednesday, July 28th @ 5:00 PM Roof Korean (of the famed orange water bottle) will be bringing us Self Defense and 2A education. You do NOT want to miss it. The days grow dark and the need for this preparation is urgent. Please plan to attend. 

Saturday, July 31st @ 7:00 PM  We will be at the Gessinger Winery in Westlake Village to enjoy a movie under the stars. Be sure to bring a chair & a picnic dinner. All donations will go towards Election Integrity Project – CA’s legal battle. This is of UTMOST importance. If we do not have honest elections we have lost our greatest freedom. 

We will Never, Ever, Ever GIVE UP!

Giannina “Gia” D’Amato 


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