Attorney Tom Renz…now 45K dead from the Jab

LFC Comments: We have seen a lot of articles about the deaths from “the Jab”. However, when we see and hear Attorney Tom Renz make the statement, we sit up and take notice. The lies, deceptions and betrayals by our federal and state governments will have ramifications for quite some time.

Attorney Thomas Renz: Now Over 45K Dead From The Jab

by noah 3 days ago

This was huge and of course the MSM did not cover it.

Swept under the rug!

But from Day 1 my mission has always been to get the truth out to as many people as possible, especially the truth the MSM deliberately ignores or tries to bury.

And this is most definitely one of those stories.

Attorney Thomas Renz dropped a bombshell about a Whistleblower that has come forward alleging that the death rates that she has been monitoring on government websites are much much higher than what Vaxers and the Media are telling people. In sworn testimony this Whistleblower is saying the accurate covid shot death number is 45,000 people .

Watch and Share this important speech by Attorney Thomas Renz ( at Clay Clark’s #ReAwaken America Tour stop in Anaheim California.

Watch it here on Rumble:




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