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Jesus said, “For this reason I was born, and for this reason I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to THE TRUTH. Everyone who is of THE TRUTH hears My voice.” John 18:37

“I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life”   John 14:6 

So much around us; so many lies, so many agendas, so many narratives but here is the way you know what is TRUTH. When you are in relationship with THE TRUTH, Jesus Christ, then there is never a doubt when you witness a lie. We are maneuvering muddy waters and need to know we can trust our gut, our instinct, His Holy Spirit in us. There is NO other way.

I urge you to communicate with your Father, the creator God of the Bible today and invite Him to wipe away the past and then step forward as you hold His hand and trust that everything good comes from Him because His love is perfect and He loves you so.


Thursday, July 29th Recall Gascon Rally @ 6:00 PM in Santa Clarita Valley

Friday, July 30th Last day sign up to be a poll watcher with Election Integrity Project California at   Find this button on the website and complete the questions.

Friday, July 30th Rally for Crime Victims @ 6:00 PM in Manhattan Beach

Saturday, July 31st Save Our Children Rally & Protest @ 9:00 AM in Garden Grove

Saturday, July 31st  Fundraiser to benefit Election Integrity Project California. Bring a picnic dinner and purchase something to drink at the winery while we watch a movie under the stars @ 7:00 PM in Westlake Village

Tuesday, August 3rd Sunland-Tujunga Community National Night Out @ 6:00 PM

Wednesday, August 4th Please welcome Robert Newman, candidate for governor and seasoned farmer. I have asked him to come and share so much experience he has that would benefit each of us during these days of preparation. Notebook recommended 

 ** Bring something to share as Wednesdays will now be potluck-style. Forks, water, plates, and napkins are always welcome.  
We must remain strengthened and encouraged, the battle has just begun

 See you tonight, with Roof Korean.

Giannina “Gia” D’Amato 


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