Cuban Government Continues to Suppress Their Citizens

LFC Comments: It is hard to imagine that this is the type of government that many Democrats and some Republicans want for the U.S. We are on the wrong path.


As the communist Cuban government brutally suppresses protests in the streets, the American TFP and Return to Order joins those who deplore Marxism in all its forms to demand an end to the country’s communist dictatorship.

Would you please sign and share the petition below calling for decisive action to end Cuba’s communist regime once and for all?

Sign Here to Free the Cuban People from the Communist Regime!

The state in Cuba is horrible right now.

We have more inside news about the situation in Cuba. From Florida, one of our friends writes:
“Our neighbors across the street…came crying to us. ‘My mother died in Guantanamo Cuba, and now I can’t go to her funeral because of the situation. My brother was able to call me.”

According to the brother in Cuba:
“There are no caskets here to put our mother in. I am going to take wood from our furniture and make a box. Things are horrible here.”

Sign Here to Urge Pres. Biden to End Cuban Communist Regime!


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