Pasadena Patriots Supporting Daniel Mercuri for Governor of CA.

Dear fellow Californians,

My name is Gia, and I am asking that you take the time to look at Daniel Mercuri’s qualifications. Once you meet him you will understand why I believe this is the man for the job.

I confidently recommend Daniel Mercuri as the next Governor of California. 

Daniel Mercuri is a man who is tired of the political correctness. He is eager to put spine back into real leadership and show what a voice of the people should sound like. Being exposed to the corruption firsthand and having experienced the bribery that engulfs our government, Daniel is more than prepared to bring the fight to their doorstep. The gloves are off, and Daniel is ready to take those sadistic politicians out of politics.

*Daniel is a former Congressional Candidate of California’s 25th District. After months of campaigning and attending forums, debates, and radio and speaking engagements, Daniel experienced a level of corporate, union, and super pac favoritism, threats, demonization, and the undermining of legal contributions coming in the form of promising riches. He realized that the allure of political temptation is so elaborate and fomenting that he understands now why representatives eventually turn their backs on the people. But Daniel never gave in, even when he was trolled and threatened. Armed with his understanding of the political arena, he’s more than ready to fight for the survival of his state.

*Daniel enlisted and served active duty between 1998 to 2003. He is a United States Naval Veteran and former HS-4 Black Knight. He performed his duties as an Aircrew Search and Rescue (SAR), Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), and a Rescue Swimmer on active duty in Afghanistan.

*One quality I have witnessed in him that stands out is his ability to develop honest relationships with other like-minded candidates. He has the unique gift of bringing people together towards a greater goal. I have seen many set their own personal preferences aside and unite for the bigger picture. They have developed a comradery that is admirable. This quality will be essential in a man that, as Governor, he will be appointing others into positions of top-level State offices. This is where the deep cleaning of the California swamp will begin.

Just for fun: here is an A-Z list of positions for which the Governor of California appoints:

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