Dewine pushing for early approval of vaccines is a mistake

Written by Mary Pruitt
August 22, 2021

Our totalitarian, despotic governor Dewine (politician, lawyer, not doctor), is begging FDA to approve the covid vaccines early. He is “chomping at the bit” to get this experimental, new mRNA technology, biologic product into every man, woman and child before we have long term data. (1)

It is highly disturbing, to realize the lengths these alleged public health arbiters are going, to cut corners, to mandate this experimental biologic. This has been rolled out on a mass scale with ZERO long term data. The FDA should in no way, allow the EXPERIMENTAL NEW TECHNOLOGY mRNA be expedited to full approval without LONG TERM SAFETY.

Let the experimental biologic stay Emergency Use Auth (EUA) until the 2023 original clinical trial was to go to. Why are they pushing so hard to skip the minimal long term data requirement? It is still a mass population experiment of mRNA technology, whether FDA relinquishes their regulatory duty, or not.

Already, this product has amassed more reports of injuries and deaths than all vaccines combined. (2, 3, 4, 5) . The rationale that none, or few, of these covid vaccine injury/death reports across the world are legitimate, flies in the face of reality. (6)

I do not understand how people trust the untrustworthy, with such abandon. They trust enough to throw their own children into an unknown, long term, possible auto immunity abyss. Hell, these alleged experts, have no handle on current autoimmune diseases. But, they think they are smart enough to outsmart our immune systems, with this new mRNA genetic code, brought to you by our nemesis China? Yeah, I don’t think so. There are too many unanswered questions, to just blindly fully approve NEW mRNA technology. We already learned disturbing things after the world mass population began, human experiment such as:

• blood clotting (7)

• the spike protein that is mass producing in the vaccinated, does damage without the virus. (8)

• myocarditis/pericarditis (9)

And there continues to be far more issues discovered. With each discovery, it is/was a battle to have it evaluated by regulators. (10) The media pushes back on all negative coverage of the vaccines, thanks to the Trusted News Initiative. Big tech censors as part of their agreement in this Trusted News Initiative. (11)

The FDA should DO THEIR JOBS and restrict this vaccine until all long term safety data is in. You cannot have years of data for safety, without the actual time in years behind you first. Hello??!! (12)

The FDA also should FORCE ALL HEALTHCARE TO REPORT ALL INJURIES WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF VACCINE. WE HAVE TO ERROR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION, not on the side of rushed approvals. If they really want to make people trust them, then do it the right way. Try being extremely cautious, instead of chaotic and uncontrolled, as this mass human experimentation has already proven to be.

At least PETA should be pleased as their animals were saved from Antibody Dependent Enhancement studies for these vaccines. The FDA allowed for monitoring for ADE after mass population roll out. So here we are, with many fully vaccinated, needing boosters, because of many hospitalized and fatal breakthrough cases. According to some virologists, they are concerned ADE is happening now. (13, 14, 15, 16)

So, Governor Dewine, you need to stop pushing for these vaccines to be approved early. I can’t wait for there to be a new governor (Blystone or Renacci) to replace you. I am so pleased you are no longer given power to be the tyrant you once were, thanks to Senate Bill 22. The power is where it should be, with Ohio Congress. (17)

In truth,

Mary Pruitt












(13) ADE and Corona Vaccines | Davidson Institute of Science Education
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