More Lies and Deception by FDA and Biden Administration

Lies and Deceptions By Pfizer, FDA, & Biden Administration

Written by: Willoughby Lobbyist
August 25, 2021

Pfizer vax was NOT given FDA approval.   It remains approved only for emergency use. 
The media and Biden administration are acting like it was approved so that they can mandate jabs on military and federal workers.

FDA Lied to Mandate Injections, Vax Still Experimental | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog


A Conversation with an Ohio Department of Commerce Representative Ohio HB248 Testimony Session, Columbus, Ohio August 24, 2021

Written by Joan River
August 25, 2021

Thanks to our Willoughby lobbyist for sharing this information.

I’m sure Lobbyists for Citizens will be thankful to have clarity surrounding this supposed FDA approval. [LFC Comment: Yes, we are]

My message to all persons is to stand firm and push back against these mandated gene therapy injections.

The more people resist this medical tyranny, the less the tyrants can accomplish their stated goals of having dominion over the world. Already we are seeing corporations and schools rescinding their ‘vaccine’ mandates after unified groups of employees and students stand up for their right to bodily integrity and autonomy. 

Yesterday in Columbus, I had the opportunity to speak with an employee of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce who was waiting to testify in opposition to HB248. I gave him a nutshell overview of Religious accommodation as outlined in Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and stressed that it was very broad and that it could not be constrained by the requirement of a note from the employee’s priest, pastor, rabbi, or another religious leader.

Really the only constraining factor in utilizing a religious accommodation is that the belief be a firmly held belief of the individual. He admitted that he did not understand the religious accommodation and thanked me for clarifying it.

I asserted that while I thought it admirable for employers to enact policies to protect the health of their employees, it was only an assumption that vaccines could accomplish the goal. I explained that it would be unfortunate indeed if this measure would instead cause a significant number of employees to be debilitated to the extent that they could no longer work, or worse- if the injections caused death in some.

I explained that employers, business owners and schools were NEVER at risk of being sued by a person alleging that they became ill with Covid because they were exposed to someone in their facility who passed it along to them because it is impossible to determine that. He agreed. I explained that employers, business owners and schools were ALWAYS at risk of being sued by a person alleging that they were harmed by NPI’s (non-pharmaceutical interventions), or by persons alleging discrimination for not being able to enjoy the full privileges of the place of public accommodation if they declined to follow the mandated NPI’s.

I explained that the only time that the place of public accommodation had the duty to warn a member of the public who entered their establishment is if their was a risk that was specific to that place, such as a black mold infestation. He agreed. 

I reminded him that the only reason that there haven’t been many lawsuits related to discrimination is that people by and large find the cost of litigation beyond their budget, but that people would soon be joining class action lawsuits. He agreed. But he also stated that it would be discriminatory not to require ALL persons to follow the NPI’s, and the upcoming ‘vaccine’ mandates, and that this is the position being taken by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

I further explained that there are effective prevention and treatment protocols which include HCQ, Ivermectin, or Budesonide that have evidence to back them up, and that if employers wanted to protect their employees, they could enact policies in which employees would be encouraged to use these protocols at the direction of their physician.

I lamented to him that it was very unfortunate that these entities desiring to impose NPI’s and mandatory ‘vaccinations’, are only doing so because the accurate science and data has been purposely withheld from them because the pharmaceutical industry and the medical- industrial complex is instructing these entities with one-sided information that is biased toward vaccines and NPI’s instead of other methods which have been shown to have excellent results.

I said that the businesses etc. should be allowed to hear from other doctors and scientists about these disease prevention and treatment protocols, and that once all of the information is presented to them, they would be better equipped to enact policies within their businesses and schools that would ACTUALLY protect the people. 

Joan River


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