Ohio Public Education…propaganda machine

LFC Comments: Thanks to a Brecksville patriot for sending this to us. We have known for quite some time that there is a problem at the Ohio State Board of Education being dominated by ultra left wing radical Marxists.


Listen to the Bob Frantz Podcast link below. Start at minute 23 through 47. What a revelation!

He interviews the parent of an intimidated student who did not want to expose the teacher. Her daughter said, “She doesn’t like me because I’m not a liberal.” These unethical rogue teachers need to be fired. There are fine people in public education, however, even a few who politicize their classrooms and indoctrinate their students is unacceptable.

The mayor told all Hudson Board of Education members that they either resign or will be prosecuted. Do you trust your school administrators?

I have little faith in the Ohio Dept. of Education and also question our local school system.

They will say that no school district is forced to follow any specific “curriculum” only that they fulfill the “State standards.”

The state places emphasis on the cultural issues of the day through the State Bd. of Ed.’s Resolution 20 and exhibits laxity in vetting Social Studies and English Classes Resource sites which can filter into the local districts.

The state is pushing the unholy alliance of CRT-Critical Race Theory; SEL-Social Emotional Learning and CSE-Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Social engineering is not the purpose of public education!!I

Listen for yourself~Jan



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