Runny nose gets you a detention at Lake Catholic

LFC Comments: It is past time to call out the teachers and principals of public and private schools for their abusive treatment of the children. Just look at the discipline handed out at Lake Catholic High School located in Mentor, Ohio. Thank you to the concerned parent that brought the matter to the public’s attention.


Written by: Concerned Parent
Edited by: LFC

This is what it has come to…..

A student with a runny nose is given a detention for blowing his nose.


If we don’t stop these ignorant idiots now, it will only get worse.

What chance of learning does a child have under this kind of atmosphere?

If you don’t care about your kids, just continue to shut up and do nothing!


Laura Tyler – Lake Catholic Teacher

Keeping the students safe by calling out all the wayward students with runny noses. Always on guard for the violent offenders – those using two or three tissues.

We wonder if all Lake Catholic teachers keep track of those students that do not wear their mask securely on their face? Do they put their names on the “blackboard”, or is it “white board”, or whatever politically correct name they are using these days?

Charley Fuller – Lake Catholic Principal

Do you think that the Lake Catholic students feel much safer with the “no nonsense” principal Charley Fuller at the helm?

We shudder to think what will happen to a student that happens to sneeze, cough, or have an attack of flatulence.

Charley told a parent that the masks are not going away, and she could talk all she wants to him, but he is not changing his mind.

To future Lake Catholic parents, this is the face of Lake Catholic. Is this who you want leading your children for four years?


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