Open Letter by Mentor resident to Mentor City Council

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Open Letter to Mentor City Council

Written by Zach Weaver – Mentor resident

Is the City of Mentor Law Department involved in a cover up?  It appears to me to possibly be the case.  At least one City of Mentor Officer was recently found to have altered evidence in a criminal case against me.  Discovering and further proving that evidence was being falsified was not an easy task.  Assistant City Law Director Miller kept forgetting to provide the documents requested in my Freedom of Information Act Request that would ultimately prove that Mentor officers falsified evidence in my case.  Once this was brought to the attention of Law Director Szeman what was his response???  Crickets, yep that’s right he has refused to even acknowledge my complaint, how about his subordinate City Prosecutor Klammer?  Yes, she too has failed to even acknowledge the complaint.   

Falsification of evidence by our officers is reprehensible and should be grounds for immediate termination.  Yet here we are with a Law Director & Prosecutor who won’t even acknowledge the complaint and an Assistant Law Director that did his best to ensure that the evidence of the crime would never see the light of day.  

I ask the Mentor City Council to immediately order an investigation into these claims, and suspend the officer who has falsified evidence.    

Zach Weaver


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