HB 327…help stop CRT in Ohio schools

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I just got off the phone with Rep. Diane Grendell who represents the people of the 76th District which includes Geauga County.  Diane, along with Sarah Fowler Arthur have written HB#327 which will help stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio by helping establish boundaries of what schools can and cannot legally do.   It will also impose penalties on schools that have told parents they can do whatever they want.  The new just updated HB#327 is attached for your review.

Rep. Grendell told me that Rep. Scott Wiggam from Wayne County, Chairman of the State and Local Government committee will be looking at HB#327 next week in committee and that testimony will be heard.   Wiggam represented to Grendell that he has about 300 people that have currently provided written testimony against Critical Race Theory legislation while only 3 people that have provided written testimony for Critical Race Theory legislation.

Representative Grendell has asked for anyone who can to provide 1-3 pages of written testimony to please prepare it NOW.   This is YOU!     The testimony needs to be submitted along with the attached Witness Information Form and submitted by end of day Monday, Tuesday noon latest.   If you submitted previous testimony your testimony must be new.    Testimony needs to be sent to:


The  Teachers Unions, Colleges, and the “Wokesters” are lined up to win on this one— a real David vs. Goliath moment.   Can we stop them?

Holler, if I can answer any questions!

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Daniel P. Regenold, Managing Board Member



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