Ohio Republican Party going the way of the Whigs

We need to help educate Ohio’s Republican Leaders that we are tired of them painting our politics with pale pastels. We need bold red politics if Ohio is to survive!

The Formation of the Ohio Republican Party

Those that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. And the ORP seems hell bent on repeating history.


Everything that has happened before will happen again – because ORP leaders refuse to learn from history. Party leaders are getting too big for their britches. Their scandals and their schemes are driving anti-swamp sentiment. The actions of the chairman of the ORP in recent weeks have illustrated quite convincingly that he is unconcerned with ethics, transparency, and engagement with the Ohio Republican voter. The Ohio Republican looks more like the Whig party of yesteryear rather than the reform-minded party bent on uniting conservatives and expressing American values of limited government and preserving State Sovereignty.

This organization is devoted to returning the Ohio Republican party back to a party of unity, pride, and integrity. We should aspire to be more than a marketing organization that slings mud to install the next special interest governor.

The crack in the armor for the Whigs was slavery and their lack of responsiveness and engagement further fueled their demise.




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