Christian Values being destroyed in European Union

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We have heard for some time that Europe is post-Christianity. We truly are in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. The European “leaders” have succumbed to evil.


The Virgin Mary is not trans!

Written by: Christine Farrow of CitizenGo
December 23, 2021

Public opinion is outraged by the shameful depiction of the Holy Family and the Virgin Mary. On the cover of a German magazine, Riccardo Simonetti, an LGBTQ activist working with the European Parliament, posed as a transgender, bearded Mary with the child Jesus on her lap. In another photo, he is holding the baby with another man, dressed in a pink tunic, who appears to represent St. Joseph.

He culminated the apparent blasphemy with Simonetti’s statement, saying, “If Mary was a virgin who had a child without sex, we could just as easily imagine a person who did not identify with his gender.” 

Dressed in a robe, caricaturing the mother of God, he advertises in the same magazine the film Benedetta, which is also a film about the blasphemy of the Virgin Mary and lesbian nuns.

Riccardo Simonetti has repeatedly introduced himself as the European Parliament’s Goodwill LGBTQ Ambassador. 

Following his insulting, insulting Christianity, the EP did not openly distance itself from Simonetti, tacitly supporting his expression.

We call on the European Parliament to publicly distance itself from the insult to tens of millions of European Christians and to suspend all formal and semi-official cooperation with Riccardo Simonetti!

The intention to abolish Christian values ​​in the European Union is growing. 

Recently, a Maltese member of the European Commission, Helena Dalli, circulated a working document that would have made it mandatory for all staff employed by the committee to make neutral statements and avoid the term Christmas. For example, instead of a “Christmas break”, the term “winter break” would have been mandatory for employees of an extensive bureaucratic institutional system. Dalli withdrew the draft, among other things, as a result of the Holy See’s protest, and promised to rework it with her staff.

Following the outbreak of the case, Pope Francis has repeatedly called on the European Union to return to the dream of its founding fathers and warned that European cooperation must not become a scene of ideological colonization.

We also call on the European Parliament to go back to its roots and distance itself from all such manifestations and end all contact with the influencer!

We are concerned about the European Union, which denies the foundations of European civilization and calls on leading European decision-makers to distance themselves from Simonetti’s actions and end their cooperation with the LGBTQ activist.

We want our society to remain a place that respects its heritage, including the Christian faith and culture. And, remain supportive of people with faith. In which it is not becoming increasingly fashionable to mock Christians, to mock their faith, and to humiliate their symbols.

Ask us the leaders of the European Parliament, including President David Sassoli, to distance themselves from Riccardo Simonetti’s expressions that hurt Christians!


Caroline Farrow and the entire CitizenGO Team

This Christmas, an influencer for the European parliament is mocking the Virgin Mary and the Nativity of Jesus. 

He poses as the transgender bearded Virgin Mary on the cover of a German newspaper. He also seeks to ridicule the Christian religion and the Mother of God in his statements.

We call on the European Parliament to immediately end any collaboration with Simonetti and to publicly distance itself from this attack on Christianity.


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