Follow the ARPA money…always follow the money

Ohio receives bribes to keep pandemic going

Written by Mary Pruitt / December 30, 2021

The pandemic is a money hungry, government run gold mine. Every government agency involved, is raining dollars upon themselves to continue the fear porn, abuse and unconstitutional mandates. We the people have no voice, and our tax money is being ripped from us to have this unending, perpetual fear porn cycle continue. Another 4 + billion dollar spending bill passed in the name of Covid, which is easy money for our representatives to receive and spend, by agreeing to continue this fear porn cycle.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt


LFC Add by Brian Massie, Executive Director:

Here is the complete legislation. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Appropriations starts on page eight. What we have learned from is that Lake County received $22 million in 2021 and will receive another $22 million in 2022 from ARPA.

We have been told that there are restrictions on what the ARPA funds can be used for. However, money is fungible and with politicians, where there is a will, there is a way. Now we understand why local leaders have been referring to this as “monopoly money”!

We will continue to “follow the money”, and keep our readers informed.



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