Breaking News from MNRT…serious shortages on the way

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director
Thanks to patriot, George Cstary, for sending us this breaking news that will be helpful for all of our readers.


The breaking news is a follow up to last week’s report on issues relating to shortages that may be caused by cross border trucking between the U.S. and Canada due to vaxxing issues of the truckers……….

BREAKING NEWS:  From a source for MNRT:
“My sources, who are highly credible and I trust explicitly, a former Special Forces member, with many remaining contacts in the military (confirmed by MIT grad who walks the corridors of the National Labs):

China is shutting down its ports as punishment for Biden’s diplomatic ban on attending Beijing Olympics.  They also see him as inept with not getting federal control of the elections and other reasons.  China also expects Republican “big wave” and are going to take big steps as a response.  This is one of them.

The result will be a serious shortage of everything in 10-21 days. This will be many times bigger than what we are already experiencing.  If you are a Costco style once a month shopper, I strongly suggest going and getting that done soon X 2 what you normally do including filling up vehicles and gas tanks as well.  Together with inflation we are already experiencing will have prices explode sooner and even more.

Legacy media will not report on this.  They will only start talking about it once the shortages begin.


Monday Night Roundtable – January 17

Hosts: George Cstary and Steve Kraus

Radio Station: The Word…1220 AM Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive Lee Weingart will be our MNRT special guest next Monday night, January 17th from 7-8 PM. Lee Weingart is the Founder and President of LNE Group. Since 2002, Mr. Weingart has cultivated his self-started, two-person business into what is now one of the top advocacy and lobbying firms with transatlantic reach.

Then, originalist John Adams, candidate for Ohio Secretary of State will be our special guest from 8-9 PM. Former navy seal and state representative, John Adams will speak to the voter fraud plaguing our nation, the unconstitutional actions of our current SOS and the ‘dark’ special interest Zuckerberg Facebook money used to negatively influence your vote. If you like our Founding Fathers, you’ll like John Adams!


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