Eastlake Got $700K of the $22 million in ARPA funds

The City of Eastlake received $7000, 000 from the Lake County Commissioners to upgrade the Lake County Captains Stadium. Since the plandemic shut the facility down in 2020, the City of Eastlake lost revenue, and therefore, qualified to receive funding from the $22 million that the County received from the federal government;s American Rescue Plan Act.

Here is a video of the January 27, 2022 meeting. At the ~19 minute mark the discussion regarding the resolution starts. You will hear Jason Boyd, County Administrator, justify the expenditure of the ARPA funds. Eastlake Mayor, Dennis Morley, follows Mr. Boyd, (~26 minute mark) and thanks the Commissioners for the backing of the Commissioners.

Mayor Morley reveals that the taxpayers of Eastlake have paid $35 MILLION to have the stadium in their city, and $1.4 MILLION annually out of their general fund to maintain the stadium.

Quote of the day from Mayor Morley: “The former mayor of three terms ago was right, the stadium wasn’t going to cost them a dime – it cost them $35 million!”

Start at the 19:00 minute mark…


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