HB 546 will help Ohio Seniors

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director
Many thanks to Concord resident, Bob Patterson, for taking the lead with State Representative Diane V. Grendell (District 76) in trying to get this legislation passed that will help Ohio Seniors.


Senior Citizen Tax Elimination Fund – HB 546

A new Bill sponsored by Representative Diane Grendell is working its way through the state legislature that, if adapted, will give local governments (Townships, cities and counties etc.) a chance to create a fund by saving 1% or more of their yearly budget to help Senior Citizens.  This is done under a voluntary basis.  You see, under the current Ohio Revised Code a city or county or Township, etc. cannot save money for more than 5 years; then they either have to spend it or (God forbid) give it back to the taxpayers.

This new Bill avoids that 5-year rule and lets the taxing body accumulate funds that are invested in U. S. Treasuries to grow and grow and when the interest is large enough, pay taxes for Senior Citizens 65 and older.  The taxes it would pay would be for any increase over the amount they were paying at 65.  If we had this now in Concord Township, it would pay the incremental increase if the new school levy passes.  So, a person 65 or older living in Concord Township would not have his taxes raised.  Nice, as most Seniors are on a fixed income and every time taxes are increased it hinders their ability to stay in their home.  Higher taxes make them automatically ask what do they give up to make ends meet?  Home repairs and health care are usually sacrificed!  This leads to higher county medical assistance and creates a vicious spiral because the Senior Citizen wants to stay in his home where he worked and contributed to the community all of his life.

Also, looking at my community in Concord Township, increasing taxes are dominated by school needs. This creates a rift between those who can afford to help the children and those seniors who cannot afford any increases. HB 546 will eliminate this battle by freezing the age 65 property taxes on their home all the way to their death! We need to band together and get this passed!

This discussion came up over 2 years ago as a result of a meeting with the Concord Trustees.   Concord has about $1,000,000 a year coming in from JEDD funds.  This presents an excellent opportunity for our Trustees to save some money to help Seniors.

If HB 546 is passed by all taxing entities, it gives Seniors in Ohio something to look forward to and a breath of fresh air that somebody cares!  It also will show that our elected representatives know how to save 1% or more from their budgets.  To maintain the present status quo will not help Senior Citizens and will only show short sightedness of elected officials who want to tax and spend, and never want to change the tax and spend mentality.  We need leaders like Diane Grendell with the vision to see outside the box and put a definite change in place to help Senior Citizens.  We also need Senior Citizens to unite and get this passed!!!!

Here is a detailed summary of the bill:


Please use this email – rep76@ohiohouse.gov – for any correspondence relating to HB 546 (tax elimination fund).

Thank you for your help in getting this bill to committee referral, the first step to the House Vote.

Bob Patterson

Former Trustee Concord Township


Comments from Linda Goudsmit, contributor to LFC:

Your unceasing advocacy for Ohio seniors is truly commendable, Brian.

The managerial state targets seniors as useless eaters. Taxes and vaxxes are two of the most egregious attempts to financially and physically eliminate seniors. It is one of the most sinister ways to balance their Social Security and Medicare books “for the greater good” – of course.

In a free society, seniors would be able to live out their sunshine years and enjoy the fruits of their labors in peace. Not anymore. The grasping managerial state wants to make seniors wards of the state where they will be totally dependent upon the government and its depopulation agenda.

I truly admire your efforts to keep seniors in their homes. I just wanted you to know my thoughts on the subject.



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