Lake County Republican Party Endorsements

LFC Comments by a Lake County Lobbyist:

For those Lake County citizens registered as independents (a.k.a. “Nons” as in Non-Partisan), you may want to see the Republican Party in action. For those registered as Democrats, you want to come and see your friends.

Note to Rich Regovich: Sorry you got “thrown under the bus” and moved to the 2 year seat from the 4 year seat, but Commissioner Plecnik had more “leverage”. Just ask Auditor Galloway why there was no Budget Meeting for the Auditor. And that is how the game is played!


Dear Central Committee Members:

We have a date for the Central Committee meeting to consider endorsement requests.   The meeting will be Thursday, March 31st at 7pm at Saint John Vianney Community Center, 7575 Bellflower Road, Mentor.  

The following candidates are opposed in the primary and have requested our endorsement.  These will be considered at our meeting on March 31st.

Judge John Eklund, 11th District Court of Appeals

[LFC Add…Eklund is a flaming liberal that was up to his eyeballs in the HB 6 scandal, and voted against the Heartbeat Bill. If he gets endorsed, then those party leaders that claim to be “Conservative Christians” should be ashamed of themselves. It is past time to stop recycling people such as Eklund.]

Morris Beverage, Lake County Commissioner (2 yr. seat)
Rich Regovich, Lake County Commissioner (2 yr. seat)

The following candidates, who requested our endorsement and are unopposed in the primary, were endorsed by us at the February 28th Executive meeting:

Justice Sharon Kennedy, Ohio Supreme Court

Justice Pat Dewine, Ohio Supreme Court
Justice Pat Fischer, Ohio Supreme Court
John Plecnik, Lake County Commissioner (4 yr. seat)
Chris Galloway, Lake County Auditor    
Robert Sprague, Ohio Treasurer      
Dave Yost, Ohio Attorney General

We look forward to seeing you on March 31st.

Sue Betteley, Secretary
Lake County Republican Party


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