Russia…The Great Reset…New World Order…What’s the Truth?

I completely disagree with Steve Turley. Russia is not crushing the Great Reset and the New World order is not imploding – far from it. I don’t believe a word of the reporting coming out of the Ukraine/Russia conflict. I look elsewhere for answers.

The Biden regime could end the war in Ukraine immediately if it started pumping oil. Instead, the anti-American globalist Biden regime is funding Russia’s war effort at $100/barrel. Putin is not stupid, he has inflated the price of oil, and is demanding payment in rubles which is stabilizing Russia’s faltering economy. Change happens incrementally. Putin, like Zelensky, is playing his scripted part in the greater globalist scheme.

Following Henry Kissinger’s feudal “new” world order map, after the world is reordered into regions, Putin’s reward will be a fiefdom of a reunified USSR. And let’s not forget the millions of Ukrainians being relocated into Europe and now the US which will further collapse the western economies. The Biden regime’s anti-American wrecking ball is in full view on our southern border as millions of unvetted illegal immigrants pour into the country.

It is the Cloward-Piven strategy for economic collapse on steroids. The welfare system is completely overwhelmed and collapses into socialism’s transfer of taxpayer money to fund the globalist supported invasion – all for our own good of course. The tragedy is the horrific loss of innocent lives in Ukraine, at the southern border, and by the lethal mRNA jabs. All just collateral damage for the megalomaniacs and psychopaths determined to rule the world.

Wake up America! Wake up Israel! Your globalist governments are intent on destroying your nation state. They are collaborators in the Great Reset and New [old feudal] World Order which continues to move forward in its inexorable march toward planetary governance in the new normal of feudal bondage in the global managerial state.

Linda Goudsmit / April 6, 2022


Russia Is CRUSHING the GREAT RESET as New World Order IMPLODES!!!

by Steve Turley / April 6, 2022




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