When is an endorsement not worth much?

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director

The Lake County, Ohio race for County Commissioner is really puzzling to LFC.

First, Candidate Rich Regovich decides to switch from running for the four year position, currently held by Ron Young, to the two year position currently held by John (I am a true conservative) Plecnik. This allows Plecnik to run unopposed in the Republican primary, thereby saving him quite a bit of money.

Second, both Commissioner candidates, Morris Beverage and Rich Regovich, receive the endorsement of Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway.

In our opinion, when both candidates get an endorsement from the same person, then that endorsement is worthless.

Auditor Galloway, the consummate politician, knows how to play the game.

There is still a burning question. Why did Rich Regovich switch from the 4 year position, only to run against Morris Beverage for the 2 year position? Our intrepid reporters who follow Lake County politics, Holmes and Watson, will “pull back the curtain” in due course.


Here is a Morris Beverage flyer that was sent to us. We were curious about this statement: “,,,I cannot be bought or bullied. I am not beholden to party elites whose actions at times do not align with conservative principles.”

Asking for and getting endorsements from leading republicans, if you are not going to be beholding to them, is a bit curious.

Beverage is another candidate that professes to be “conservative”. He uses the word “conservative” five times in this flyer. For Mr. Beverage to claim to be conservative, we would like to hear his position on what he believes are conservative principles.

The voters are tired of candidates using the word “conservative” when they do not even know what it means. We wonder who Beverage supports for the 11th District Court of Appeals – Eklund or Kovoor? Here is a previous article we wrote rescinding the Conservative card from “leading Lake County conservatives”.

A “conservative by association” does not meet the test of being a conservative.



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