Looking for some help from Concord Trustees…update 4/27/22

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director

Mr. Bob Patterson, a Concord resident, asked me to publish his correspondence with the Concord Trustees. Mr. Patterson is working with State of Ohio legislators on HB 546, a proposed bill that is meant to help lessen the burden of property taxes on Lake County and Ohio Seniors. He is trying to reach out to the Concord Trustees for support with this legislation.

My experience has been that the Concord Trustees do not view their role as helping with anything that is outside of their control in Concord Township. They do not understand or believe in the “Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates”.

Update 4/27/22 / 1:10 pm – Concord Trustee Morgan McIntosh responded to Mr. Patterson’s email. We have added his response at the bottom of the article.


Hi All: [Concord Trustees]

Good news!  Based on feedback from some citizens HB 546 has been amended to limit seniors who would benefit to those making less than $50,000 a year. 

Also, the fund contributions would be increased by 200% from state matching contributions!  So if you put $200,000 into the fund the state will add $400,000! 

This will make the fund grow to a point where the interest income will start helping seniors making $50,000 a year or less very soon! 

Business developers in Concord should love this bill as it makes Concord a very desirable place to live.  With the aging population, Concord will be viewed as a Senior friendly place allowing Seniors to live out the remainder of their lives without an additional tax burden!  

I would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss these changes and the basic bill itself as I have not heard from you and this bill is going to committee soon. 


Bob Patterson
Concord Township Resident


[A follow-up email from Mr. Patterson]

To Concord Trustees:

Since I have not heard from any of you (this is my third request), I can only assume you are not interested in helping Seniors.  You have the clout to help pass this bill through the Ways and Means Committee. 

You can even help shape how the legislation will work and how you want Concord to participate!

But, you have shown no interest!  Can it be true that you don’t care about Concord’s Seniors? 

You have the ability to help Seniors who are on a fixed income making less than $50,000 a year (added as an amendment to HB 546) stay in their homes despite rising taxes and record high inflation!

Previous analysis showed that a 1% contribution from Concord Trustees was not enough to kick start the fund’s ability to help seniors…..hence the added help of the State of Ohio to double your contribution to the fund was added as an amendment. 

This will work by helping the fund to quickly grow and produce enough interest income to start helping Seniors.

The hearing is coming up in the near future and your participation and support would certainly be appreciated and highly valued!

Would you please help support HB 546?  This is a major piece of legislation for Ohio’s Seniors and with your help will pass into law.

Kind Regards,
Bob Patterson


Bob Patterson, Owner 

Patterson Financial Services

Celebrating 19 years in business! 

10940 Girdled Road
Concord Township, Ohio 44077

Phone / Fax 440-352-0113 
or rcpc111@aol.com


Updated April 27, 2022 / 1:10 pm

Mr. Patterson –

My comments regarding your proposed legislation are unchanged from when I expressed them this time last year when you met with me and my fellow trustees in person.  In addition, last time you and I communicated on this point, I indicated we have discussed with OTA (Ohio Township Association) who reviews proposed legislation providing feedback and advocacy for Ohio Townships. 

I do not recall if that was by phone or by email, however, you indicated this was a reasonable position.  As of yet, I have not seen or heard of any analysis or feedback from them.  I have a call in to check the status.  

Until I have further information, my initial comments stand.  I will continue to follow your progress and provide additional comment when I feel it is appropriate to do so.  

Morgan R. McIntosh
Trustee – Concord Township


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