Shameful Assault at Mahoning County GOP Headquarters

When Constitutional Rights are in question, it is up to those who hold them sacred to lead by example; accordingly, I feel an ethical and moral obligation to pursue redress for Mr. and Mrs. Kissinger and hold the Mahoning County GOP accountable for the events of April 27, 2022,”

Sarah Kovoor, Attorney
May 4, 2022

Kissinger Press Release 


64-year-old volunteer attacked by Party stalwarts when expressing opinion contrary to that of visiting candidate. 

(Boardman, Ohio – April 27, 2022)  On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, David Kissinger (64) was assaulted at the GOP Headquarters in Mahoning County, Ohio, by members of the GOP during a visit by Senate Candidate J.D. Vance, whiles his wife, Cheryl “Sherry” Kissinger watched on in horror.

Mr. Kissinger was specifically invited to Mahoning County GOP Headquarters to drop off signs for Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Blystone and Senate Candidate Mark Pukita as he had done on multiple occasions in the past.  Mr. Kissinger was also in possession of a sign expressing distaste for candidates who had compromised the values of the Republican Party.

Mr. Kissinger was then assaulted by two men, one of whom was Robert “Bob” Aurandt, a member of the Mahoning County Board of Elections, and the office manager of the Mahoning County Republican Party Headquarters where the assault took place for the past two years.  Mr. Kissinger suffered a laceration to his hand, a cranial contusion, and other post-acute symptoms that are ongoing and his wife, Sherry, had to witness, and continues to bear witness to, it all. 

The Boardman Police Department responded to the scene along with an ambulance from Lane Ambulance, who provided emergency medical services to the victim, Mr. Kissinger.  Mr. Kissinger subsequently received care at the Emergency Room at St Elizabeth Mercy Health for injuries related to the assault at the Mahoning County GOP Headquarters.

As a regular visitor to the premises, Mr. Kissinger was no stranger to the Mahoning County GOP Headquarters and was there at the behest of the Blystone and Pukita Campaigns to drop of campaign materials.  The events that occurred can only be interpreted as those of fanatics within the Party to abrogate the right to free expression by those who do not support the candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

What is evident by the actions of Mr. Aurandt and the violent assault on Mr. Kissinger is that the Grand Old Party has been hijacked by self-proclaimed “outsiders” who seek nothing more than to use strong-arm tactics to place their chosen candidates in office, which appear to include the use of violence against 64-year-old men. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kissinger are being represented by Sarah Thomas Kovoor, Esq., of Kovoor Law, LLC.  Ms. Kovoor, a member of the Ohio Bar for 24 years, is currently running for the 11th District Court of Appeals for the unexpired term ending in February of 2025, which encompasses Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Portage, and Trumbull Counties.

Ms. Kovoor is committed to protecting the Constitutional Rights of all Ohioans and believes that fair play and justice must be reinforced by the independent judiciary, free from political influence.  



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