LGBT Teacher: ‘We are not grooming your children. We are teaching them love’

LFC Comments: Public education has gone totally “off the rails”. We predict that there will be a parental pushback against the perversions being taught at public schools. We are going to have to stop voting for any more property tax levies for public schools. They need to have their funding stopped until they start focusing on the 3 R’s and not indoctrination into the LGBT lifestyle.


LGBT Teacher: ‘We Are Not Grooming Your Children. We Are Teaching Them Love.’

 Mike Vance

 June 3, 2022

Remember when the left acted like conservatives were crazy for wanting to keep sexuality out of first-grade classrooms? Well, here’s exhibit A as to why this was a concern.

A purple-haired teacher took to Twitter to explain, “We are not grooming your children. We are teaching them love.”

This video alone is enough to get millions of parents across the United States to start planning home school options. This is completely insane.

How about you just teach the students math? It’s not your job to “teach students how to love.”



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