Lawsuit Against Ohio Republican Party is Dismissed

Posted June 5, 2022

Court Dismisses Frivolous Lawsuit Against Ohio Republican Party

Columbus—Today, ORP Chairman Bob Paduchik released a statement following the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas’ dismissal of the civil case against the Ohio Republican Party filed by Laura Rosenberger, Mark Bainbridge, JoAnn Campbell, Joe Miller, and Denise Verdi:

“On May 31, 2022, the Ohio Republican Party received the trial court’s decision dismissing Plaintiffs’ complaint and rejecting Plaintiffs’ attempt to file an amended complaint.  The trial court’s thorough and well-reasoned 17-page decision makes clear that there was no legal basis for Plaintiffs’ claims.

This frivolous lawsuit was a political attack against the Ohio Republican Party, the State Central Committee, and the candidates we serve. The five committee members that filed this suit have disgraced themselves by placing their personal political agendas above the party’s mission to elect Republicans to office.

With the 2022 election cycle in full swing, this meaningless distraction has come to a conclusion to the benefit of Republicans across Ohio.”—Chairman Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party

To read the full decision, click here.


LFC Comments by Brian Massie, former member of Republican Party

I have met all five patriots that filed the lawsuit against the Ohio Chairman, Bob Paduchik, and know three of them very well. They filed the lawsuit to hold the Republican leaders accountable for some questionable financial tactics, such as, not having an annual audit of the books.

We have heard the statement “You can do more good from within the Party, rather than from outside”. After attending a State Central Committee meeting and seeing those in power react to the questions from the rank and file central committee members, and now seeing how the local courts treat average members I think that statement is grossly inaccurate.

The Conservative wing of the Republican Party is in dire straits at the moment.

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