Mark Tyler to Replace Retired Commissioner Ron Young

LFC Comments: Thanks to several Lake County patriots for sending this information to us.

We would not be surprised if the Commissioner’s seat is but a stepping stone for Mr. Mark Tyler. When current Lake County Engineer, Mr. Jim Giles, decides to “call it a career”, perhaps Mr. Tyler would want to continue serving Lake County citizens in that capacity.

Seeing this letter confirms for us that Mr. Dale Fellows did not get the needed approval from the Ohio Ethics Commission despite the efforts of the Prosecutor’s office to make it happen.

It is curious to us that Mr. Tyler failed to inform the GOP Central Committee that he currently is a Trustee of Lakeland Community College.

That begs the question: “Can a Lakeland Community College Trustee also hold the Commissioner’s position?” Did someone say ” Déjà vu all over again”?

Here is the email sent to the Central Committee members by Mr. Dale Fellows, Chairman of the Lake County Republican Party.

Dear Fellow Central Committee members,

As you are aware, Commissioner Ron Young retired from his seat on the Board of County Commissioners in early May.  The vacancy is to be filled by us, the Lake County Republican Party Central Committee, at a special meeting on June 16, 2022.  The notice with the details has been emailed and mailed.   Please let us know if you have any questions.

I want to personally thank Commissioner Young for his encouragement to fill the vacancy, as well as our two County Commissioners, John Hamercheck and John Plecnik.

I have been overwhelmed with the show of support by so many members of the Central Committee, Elected Officials, Community Leaders, residents, and others.

However, for a number of reasons, I will not be seeking the appointment.   We have an enormous amount of work ahead of us as a Party here in 2022 now that the primary election is over and certified.   Our very successful Lincoln Day Dinner was a great kick-start for us!  We have an extremely busy summer and fall starting with last weeks’ re-organization meeting, central committee member training, numerous parades and community festivals, the Lake County Fair, our Lake GOP picnic(August 22nd at SNPJ), door-to-door campaigning, candidate fundraisers & rally’s, our Republican Party Golf Outing & Dinner(September 30th at Pine Ridge Country Club, election day activities, and much more.

Thank you for all that you do for our Party and our community!  We will need all your efforts this year in order to secure our victories in November!!  Together we will be successful.



Willowick Mayor, and Candidate for the two year Commissioner’s seat in November, Rich Regovich declines requests to be appointed to the Commissioner’s seat:

First, thank you all for the support in the primary. I very much look forward to working with you all in the next phase of the campaign and onward to victory in November. 

As we are all aware the CC has an important decision to make regarding the appointment of a caretaker for the Ron Young County Commission seat. Please be aware I shall not seek, nor accept, said appointment. I need to focus my energies on the hard campaign that remains as well as my duties as Mayor of Willowick. I am humbled by those who have suggested my name and ask for your support thru to November. 

Thank you 

Mayor Rich Regovich 



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