Mark Tyler is the new Lake County Commissioner

The Lake County Central Committee finally was permitted to do their job and they selected Mr. Mark Tyler to replace the retired Ron Young.

The vote was 77 for Mr. Mark Tyler (Dale Fellow’s appointment) and 19 for Mr. Wally Siegal (Jerry Cirino’s appointment) with 1 abstention. Mr. Tyler has the recommendations of most of the leading Republicans.

Mr. Tyler will have to turn in his letter of resignation to Lakeland College President, Morris Beverage 2nd.

We wish Mr. Tyler well in his new, very important position. He is keeping the seat warm until the November election when incumbent Commissioner John Plecnik (Republican) takes on the challenger Mr. Adam Dudizak (Democrat).

This should be a very interesting race, and we will be following it closely.

The wailing sound you might be hearing from Kirtland is Jerry Cirino and Amy Sabath crying in their beer because their choice for Commissioner (Wally Siegal) lost. Since Tyler’s Trustee’s position is appointed by Governor DeWine, we expect to see a lot more politicking going on to assure they get a lackey on the Board of Trustees to assure a “yes” vote for Beverage.

We think we see Laura Pizmoht warming up in the bullpen….she is an independent warrior, lawyer, and no nonsense Assistant Prosecutor. She would get our vote – if we had one.

Laura, Laura, Laura…Pizmoht


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