Pfizer FDA commit more crimes

By Mary Pruitt

Please listen to the critique of the latest covid vaccine study Pfizer did for infants and children under 5. These observations in this 5 minute video by Dr Clare Craig are prudent and critical to informed consent. Good quality #science, questions #science. (1)

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FDA didn’t question the #science of Pfizer. The FDA are a corrupt captured regulatory agency. A revolving door from lobbyist to FDA and back again. Want proof? Look at my previous FDA rant with references attached. (2)

They are unethically allowing a human experiment on our children for covid that is not an emergency. Healthy children do not die from covid. (3) Only severely sick children (think Cancer, AIDS)

Science is especially NOT SETTLED for this real live human mRNA fatty encapsulated genetic experiment. Long term data completely unknown. There are many reports of Blood clots, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, seizures, musculoskeletal disorders in VAERS, YELLOW CARD, EUDRAVIGILANCE (4, 5, 6)

But, besides those serious adverse events we know happened, what of other long term side effects that some scientists have concerns for such as VAIDS, ADE, infertility possible as a result from biodistribution of mRNA spike protein shoen to accumulate in mass in ovaries? Aggressive cancers due to loss of tumor regulators? Neuromuscular PRION diseases like MS, ALS? Other Deaths? We do not know yet. Pfizer’s mRNA genetic covid product has only been under study for a little over 2 years and even then, the original study was riddled with frauds and ineptitude.

Do these matter for your children? Does covid scare you that much that you are willing to inject these genetic experimental biologics into your child with TRULY UNKNOWN LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS? The medical establishment want to inform you that the vaccine has no long term safety concerns. They gaslight the vaccine injured. (7, 8)

These products use mRNA which are literally genetics. (9) So calling it a vaccine just is clouding the underlying biologic mechanism used. It is DISINFORMATION by our highest federal health agencies.

We have NO IDEA what this experiment will result in 5 or 10 years. This is why vaccines take ACTUAL REAL TIME TO PASS TO EVALUATE THE STUDY PARTICIPANTS’ HEALTH IN 5-10 YEARS. You cannot claim no long term effects without long term data. Period. This is UTMOST IMPORTANT to know since HEALTHY KIDS are getting these shots.

This article is informed consent to you parents. You are receiving the true facts about this EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCT. Please do so with full knowledge you are putting your child in the most uncontrolled, chaotic and fraudulant human experiment in history of mankind. May they survive unscathed from your radically risky decision. Pfizer and their billions in profit without liability thank you. (10)

In truth,

Mary Pruitt












Reader’s Comments:

I would like to add that it will be impossible to actually have long term studies of adverse effects on children, because when “vaccines” are mandated for children it eliminates the control group. That is why these experimental jabs are being authorized for children as young as 6 months. If you want to know the motive, look at the result. 

This is political medicine, not honest medical research. 

Linda Goudsmit
June 20, 2022 and website:




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