Mentor Taxpayers Speak Out About D.I.E. Agenda

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Lake County resident

We attended the July 12, 2022 Mentor School Board meeting to record the public comments about the Diversity, Inclusive, Equity agenda that is being promoted by the liberals on the School Board.

The following videos group those for and against the LGBTQ+ reading material for all students regardless of age. The agenda was passed 3-2 by the School Board, with only Republicans Annie Payne, and Tom Tuttle having the common sense to vote No on this toxic, immoral agenda.

There appears to be a very strong, serious push back being starting by taxpayers. The passing of ANY future school property tax levies will be difficult for the socialists/communists in the teachers’ union, school boards and in the community.

Taxpayers against this toxic, immoral agenda.
Taxpayers for this toxic, immoral agenda.




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